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“I ran and ran, ran so fast…but the life I want, and the one I craft… gives me no happiness, as I still starve…Oh the sinful love, oh the sinful need”

loveHe slipped from his bed carefully, trying not to disturb his pretty wife.

Wife looked magical, with just the right amount of moonlight falling on her mane and face.

“It had been 3 days since they had checked in the hotel right next to the river front. His wife had opted for the place to have a romantic stay after 5 years of their wedding. All these years, they both had been crazily working to support themselves and their dreams – own house, car, stature and friends.

Now, their bank balance was as strong as they had ever imagined.”


He moved towards the window. He knew that something had waked him up. But he did not know what.

He turned back to see his wife again; tossing her sides, she looked like a baby. How can one be so beautiful and serene? He thought within himself.

“Initial few days of marriage had not been easy. Being an arrange set up, he had been skeptical about his would be partner. His dreams, his priorities and his work, he thought he would need to change them all.

But she was different. She had understood him well, giving him his own space and life. And things had been like always – without change.

He looked through the window – stretched wide, river seemed endless. Moonlight over the surface had made the river look picturesque. He could see trees, aiming high to touch the sky, just like him. He smiled. Possibly, the night had something important for him.

“It was the first time when they had planned a holiday for themselves, post the ‘compulsorily’ honeymoon package. Wife had spent (nearly wasted) a week in getting the perfect look for the outing- shoes, clothes and makeup. She had even placed her first kiss on his cheek, publicly in excitement. 

They both had traveled by road, towards east, away from the usual commercialized 5 star set-ups. A small hotel near the village had attracted his wife’s fancy, facing the mighty Ganges.”

He sat at the corner of the bed, near her feet. It seemed that each part of her body had been meticulously carved out by the lord himself. Feet accessorized with toe-ring and silver anklet looked perfect.

He wanted to keep looking at her, from a distance without disturbing her sleep. Though, part of him desperately wanted to touch the pearl body and enjoy the warmth together.

He stood to take a stroll to let the feeling fade.

He went near the window again. The river and the trees looked same. Nothing had changed in these few minutes, he thought, like his unchanged life in these 5 years.

Yes, nothing had actually changed.

He still did not know what his wife wanted. He still was clueless, what his wife loved. He still was new, to the marital pleasures.

The truth was harsh.

He became uneasy. He had spent 5 years with a beautiful girl, untouched.

The fact that he wanted to focus on his career and self had actually stolen some ‘addictive’ pleasure of life. He regretted being so naive to let it go.

Part of him started becoming angry.

It looked, with every passing second; his self retrospection was clearly dividing him into two.

One part was angry. Angry at everyone – his wife-who was smart enough to understand his wish to succeed, his family-who forced him into the marriage and self-who ignored the beautiful sculpture in his life. The other part was just sleepy, adding ‘really nothing’ to his emotions.

His wife had always been workaholic like him. He had noticed her dedication and commitment. She often have had ‘sleepless’ nights during her submissions. He had always appreciated and respected her for this. She was an independent individual with her own life.

And he was only a part of it. He had liked this fact – ‘not to be the world to his wife’

At the third night after their wedding, he had puked his mind – his want to become ‘big’, his dream to earn ‘a lot’ and his need to be ‘single’. His wife had just stared at him for few minutes before she confirmed-‘Understood’.

Post that, they had been singles, literally singles. Living under the same room, they were only good friends.

He knew that he had not been fair to her. He knew that he had not been fair to himself. And he knew that the ‘thinking’ was making him sick.

Wife had once told him, how much she loved the idea of love. He had then laughed off and excused himself for work.

He assumed, perhaps, the night was an indication for him to know his loss. He assumed, perhaps, the night was a mirror for him to know his needs. And he assumed, perhaps, the night was nothing but a knock of truth.

His assumptions made him confident. His assumptions made him lighter. And his assumptions made him happier.

It was morning already.

Rays had started filling the room, making it warmer inside. He looked at his wife. He knew, It was time for her to embrace the day and him.

 “Is it a need or my love, I don’t know… I crave for her and her untouched glow

It is time to have a broken fast, for she is only one now I want at last”


EPILOGUE: “That day when I got up, I saw him sitting on his knees. He had a strange look in his eyes. I think I knew that look. I think I have seen it before, when he had offered me a lift to my office. I have seen that look when he had taken me to a doctor and have fought at the reception. I know I have seen that look when he had criticized me shopping for days for that trip.

And I said before he could speak – ‘Understood, like always’ “


Her mother had often told her to be careful of those monsters out there which roamed in the dark and possessed power to steal. She used to find it funny until she met few of them on her way herself. 😦


She is small, quite small to reach the window and see the hawker selling vanilla cups downstairs. She tells her maid to help her see. But she is busy cleaning the house. Mother can be home anytime. Ramu Bhaiya should help her now. He holds her in his arm tight enough to squeeze. She feels awkward. She can feel his hand moving inside her frock. What is he doing? She complains. He pinches her hard right there telling ‘it’s normal’


It is Duserra, the festival she loves. She wants to see the Mela in the nearby ground. Her father is not allowing. She insists. Gupta uncle is also going. He can take her along. He is father’s friend. She is very happy. They are enjoying the fair together. He kisses her every time she talks or demands anything. She can sense his tongue on her cheek, scrolling violently over her skin. He is her uncle. She thinks ‘It’s normal’


It is her Biology lecture in school. She is nervous. The guy next to her is imitating the teacher. He is making fun of the female reproductive system and those names. He is finding it hilarious. He is moving his fingers on the diagrams and laughing hard. She can see him doing that. She is disgusted. She tells her friends in the recess. They tell her that ‘it’s normal’


She is a grown up girl. She goes to a college. She can decide and vouch an opinion. She has a boyfriend. They hang out together. They go for movies and he holds her near. He walks with her around the campus and hugs her. He wants to take the relation further. He wants her to come to his house this night. She is still undecided. He assures her saying, ‘It’s normal’


She is travelling in Metro for the first time. She is standing in the crowd. Something is annoying. She turns her head back to see few guys. They are smiling at her. She ignores. Still something is annoying. It is hot inside. She can feel the sweat on her body. Her hand goes to her back. It is wet beneath. She is scared. Her brain consoles her telling ‘It’s normal’


She is in love with that guy. He loves her too. They are ready to start a new journey of their life. They want their parents to approve. They will be getting soon now. He is happy. He is sharing their moments online. He wants to tell the world about their love. He is posting some personal pictures of them together. Some intimate ones too. People are commenting and appreciating her ‘hotness’. Her relatives find it romantic. Her siblings think ‘It’s normal’


She is happily married with a kid. Her husband is busy with his work. She is making an omelette for him. Her maid is chopping vegetables for the night. She will be busy in office today. She wants her maid to take care of his kid till she returns. She is back at 9pm. Her kid is crying. Husband is busy completing his report. Maid is off for the day. She serves food for all. She has not eaten yet. She needs to clean the house first. His husband is off to sleep. Her kid is watching. He thinks ‘It’s normal’


She has been raped. Her parents have filed F.I.R. They know the culprit. She has seen him. She tries to jump out of window. Her brother saves her. They know court will punish him and god will too. Today is court’s final hearing. Culprit has been imprisoned for 7 years. Everybody is happy. Her husband wants a divorce. It is her fault. She did not save herself. Counsellor is there to motivate her. They want her to start fresh. She is working again. People call her victim. They often ask her about the incident and pity her. The rapist is already out on bail. After all, ‘it’s normal’


Her mother had often explained her; she would need to fight throughout her life. She thought she can do it until she found out it otherwise. 😦

P.S: It might seem normal to some, but trust-this is not normal. VOICE OUT!