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As he started enticing her, she reminded herself for the last time…  ‘Please don’t think of him’ 


She had been married to Rajat for 6 months now. Arranged setup as it was, he was a perfect partner she could get. Quite a handsome piece created by lord, he was rich with perfect blend of brainy genes too. She had liked him at the first hour of their meeting itself.  

It had taken only 2 days for them to decide that they would want to spend their life with each other. He had adored her charm and wittiness, while she had fallen for his mannerism.

He started kissing her neck and she started pretending to be aroused. He unbuttoned himself in haste, and she guided him amidst the complexity of her clothes. At the end, she complimented the act and felt sad within. It had become usual of her.

Their marriage had been a simpler affair, the way she had planned always. With total gathering of 50 close family and friends, both were pronounced husband and wife in the picturesque beauty of Udaipur. Their honeymoon was no less than a fairy tale. Meticulously planned by Rajat, she has had joyful 20 days of her life.

She laid in the bed with broken heart, staring blankly at the ceiling. She could hear her own heartbeat, drumming loudly at the onset of something bad. She could imagine the situation she might face, leaving her married life in shatter. She could calculate the risk she had planned to take, where chances of failure were rather high. But she knew, it had to be done – not for him but for her.

She had skipped her cycle post first month of the marriage itself. She was embarrassed to share it with Rajat. She had waited for another month to be sure. Every pregnancy test had confirmed her about her fear. It was not what she had planned for next 3 years of her marriage. Finally she had decided to take medical help to get rid of the problem.

She dressed herself post the shower. Rajat seemed already asleep. He looked innocent and attractive. She kissed his forehead and decided to leave.

Life had made her meet him yet again, her first love at the doctor’s clinic. All this while, she had never missed him. She had been happy without him. But that day, at the table, he had squeezed her hand rather tightly to help her bear the pain. That day, he had spent whole day with her, caressing her tresses with his fingers while she slept. He was still unmarried. And he still cared for her.

She had decided to live with him for next few days, till the time she recovers. She did not want Rajat to know about her abortion.

She had missed the times she had spent with him, while he had cooked her all her favorites. She had missed the touch of him, while he had ensured her timely medicines and proper rest.

5 days with him at his place had made her realized, how much she still loved him.

She took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. She reconfirmed within self, yes- this is what I want to do now.

2 months of perfect marriage seemed useless to her. The charm she once had for Rajat, looked fake now. She started hating him close. She started hating her situation. And she started hating her practicality.

She would sometimes evaluate her decision of leaving her love. She would sometimes criticize her decision of choosing Rajat. And she would sometimes compare the both, to come to a conclusion.

She rang the bell again. The door clicked. He looked perplexed to see her, at the odd hour of the night.

She knew it was the time.

She had spent months telling herself, the reasons for which she had left the love of her life. She had not liked the outlook he had for the life. She often had disliked his head over heel love for her. And she had not imagined him to be a good for husband kind of a guy.

But after multiple failed attempts to control self, she had finally decided otherwise.

“Please don’t think of him, I reminded myself yet again…While I had another night with my husband… Oh The fake love should now not kill me”

Epilogue –He had requested her to go back, to her perfectly smooth married life. But she has insisted on spending night with him. She had forced herself inside, only to find his girl friend. She had been shocked; it was not what she had expected. He had finally told her to leave, in rather rude tone this time.