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77088-20120920110901-lbIt was the fourth time that her phone rang. She stared at the screen, it was mother again.

She was only 10 when her parents had decided for her – Emily would go to boarding school for rest of her life. It was hard for her to understand the reasons behind. She had cried whole night, cursing her parents. She had assumed that her parents did not love her anymore.

She stared at the screen again. It was 11:00pm. Parents would not call her now. She switched off the phone and threw it inside the side drawer – among her hair clips, rosemary and candies.

Ms. Johnson had greeted her with open arms that day – ensuring that Emily meets the best of people and love the school. She was offered front seat near the window at class, Ms Johnson arranged for extra candies during break for her and also took her out for stroll during late evenings to watch rabbits behind the school.

She looked herself in the mirror; she was grown up adolescent now. She tried smiling hard, but her face seemed cold without emotion.

It had been 6 years now that Emily had made home away from home.

School did not allow phone calls during weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays were meant to be Emily’s best days in the week. She would get up early, visit church and would wait near the only phone on her floor at the corner of the building. Every weekend, her mother would call her sharp at 10:00am. It had become a ritual for her. After a hearty conversation with mommy dear, Emily would play with her best friend Carrie for an hour and would slurp delicious lunch at Ms Johnson’s house. Evenings were spent painting and completing pending home works. After dinner, Emily would again watch the phone till 9:30pm when her father would call. Everything had been routine.

Among the clumsy pool of 36 beds, she had got the 5th bed beside the window. After every 2 months, the settings changed, to ensure every girl gets a bed near the window- the only place where the fans looked bit effective.

She changed herself in the pink night dress, which she had brought herself last year from the Christmas money. She admired the settings for the last time and started packing her bags.

In 6 years, not even once had she been called back home. During vacations, her parents would come down to meet her, often carrying unnecessary gifts. Father would send ‘extra money’ after her 3rd year in the school, giving excuses she never understood. Sometimes, mother would talk about a little girl named Julie whom she disliked for no reasons. Everything was bizarre for her- her family, Julie and her ‘forced family vacations’.

She collected memoirs gifted by her friends on her 15th birthday, she then swept the ‘tiny wax animals’ on the table top she had brought from the Zoo; she also folded the bed sheets in neat rectangular shapes to fit the only truck she had.

After 3 hours of hard work, everything she had accumulated in 6 years was packed in a truck and 3 bags. She gave the final look to her bed and window with nostalgia and bid adieu.

Last weekend, she had not received any call from her parents but a letter explaining her things she did not know till now. Problems in marital life of her parents had compelled them to send her to boarding. During her 2nd year away from home, they had applied for a divorce to end daily remorse. Soon after the first summon from court, parents had realize the dreadful end of their love marriage. Mother had cried in father’s arm, recalling the happier times and missing Emily. That is when Julie had happened to them. They had then reconsidered their divorce appeal.

However, after Julie turned one, things got worse yet again. Both had their own reasons to get out of the marriage they had nurtured for 18 years. Mother was fed up of father and his emotionless life and father would complain of her demanding nature.

The letter they had written was a request more than the information. Divorce was at its final stage and before applying for custody, both wanted to know the decision of Emily -whom would she choose to stay with?

Mother had specified categorically that Julie had been the only hope when Emily was not around and she was too small to live without her.

 But nowhere did the letter mention- who wanted Emily to stay with them?

She was called before the jury in the witness box. She could see her mother sitting next to a girl in blue stripped frock, caressing her curls with her fingers and crying occasionally. She also saw her father sitting at the far end of the court, looking drunk, he seemed staring and conversing something to his feet.

Emily handed a letter to the jury and looked at the floor, trying to avoid stares if any. She was now confident of what she wanted.

‘Dear Mom and Dad, I have always seen you together and would love to see you guys like that. I want to imagine this as a nightmare I had because I did not do my daily prayers last night. I want to imagine this as a stupid game you guys play with me when I am angry at you.

Mother, I don’t like the little creature Julie, she is luckier than me to have you around but I don’t want to complain. Father, I don’t like to see you absent minded when you visit me.

I can’t choose one of you. You both are willing to let me go to the other one. I would rather assume my life intact by your divorce and return to my dear Hostel, where I have got a family which still awaits me.

All the best, do see me during vacations like always (if possible)


She received message from Ms Johnson – ‘When do I see you?’ and she replied ‘TONIGHT’.

She left the court without a word, her eyes unable to see anything because of the extra water. No one stopped her, and she did not wait.

Once she was out of the court, she dumped her phone and walked slowly towards her only home.


Her mother had often told her to be careful of those monsters out there which roamed in the dark and possessed power to steal. She used to find it funny until she met few of them on her way herself. 😦


She is small, quite small to reach the window and see the hawker selling vanilla cups downstairs. She tells her maid to help her see. But she is busy cleaning the house. Mother can be home anytime. Ramu Bhaiya should help her now. He holds her in his arm tight enough to squeeze. She feels awkward. She can feel his hand moving inside her frock. What is he doing? She complains. He pinches her hard right there telling ‘it’s normal’


It is Duserra, the festival she loves. She wants to see the Mela in the nearby ground. Her father is not allowing. She insists. Gupta uncle is also going. He can take her along. He is father’s friend. She is very happy. They are enjoying the fair together. He kisses her every time she talks or demands anything. She can sense his tongue on her cheek, scrolling violently over her skin. He is her uncle. She thinks ‘It’s normal’


It is her Biology lecture in school. She is nervous. The guy next to her is imitating the teacher. He is making fun of the female reproductive system and those names. He is finding it hilarious. He is moving his fingers on the diagrams and laughing hard. She can see him doing that. She is disgusted. She tells her friends in the recess. They tell her that ‘it’s normal’


She is a grown up girl. She goes to a college. She can decide and vouch an opinion. She has a boyfriend. They hang out together. They go for movies and he holds her near. He walks with her around the campus and hugs her. He wants to take the relation further. He wants her to come to his house this night. She is still undecided. He assures her saying, ‘It’s normal’


She is travelling in Metro for the first time. She is standing in the crowd. Something is annoying. She turns her head back to see few guys. They are smiling at her. She ignores. Still something is annoying. It is hot inside. She can feel the sweat on her body. Her hand goes to her back. It is wet beneath. She is scared. Her brain consoles her telling ‘It’s normal’


She is in love with that guy. He loves her too. They are ready to start a new journey of their life. They want their parents to approve. They will be getting soon now. He is happy. He is sharing their moments online. He wants to tell the world about their love. He is posting some personal pictures of them together. Some intimate ones too. People are commenting and appreciating her ‘hotness’. Her relatives find it romantic. Her siblings think ‘It’s normal’


She is happily married with a kid. Her husband is busy with his work. She is making an omelette for him. Her maid is chopping vegetables for the night. She will be busy in office today. She wants her maid to take care of his kid till she returns. She is back at 9pm. Her kid is crying. Husband is busy completing his report. Maid is off for the day. She serves food for all. She has not eaten yet. She needs to clean the house first. His husband is off to sleep. Her kid is watching. He thinks ‘It’s normal’


She has been raped. Her parents have filed F.I.R. They know the culprit. She has seen him. She tries to jump out of window. Her brother saves her. They know court will punish him and god will too. Today is court’s final hearing. Culprit has been imprisoned for 7 years. Everybody is happy. Her husband wants a divorce. It is her fault. She did not save herself. Counsellor is there to motivate her. They want her to start fresh. She is working again. People call her victim. They often ask her about the incident and pity her. The rapist is already out on bail. After all, ‘it’s normal’


Her mother had often explained her; she would need to fight throughout her life. She thought she can do it until she found out it otherwise. 😦

P.S: It might seem normal to some, but trust-this is not normal. VOICE OUT!