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It is wedding season at the door. Yes, while we are ready to hog on unlimited sweets, dance to the tune of all the Yo-Yo’s and get fashion crazy for the friends’ weddings we would attend, there is one area which takes most of our energy when marriages are announced – Hen’s party!

We are sure, while most of you are already on your toes, booking the hotel and the bars for the perfect hangout; others are still going mad over the entire preparations.

As rightly said, plans are perfect till the time they are executed, we at Ranchi Lifestyle thought to bring out few Do’s and Don’ts to ensure a fabulous and flawless Hen’s party –

  • Build a team: first and foremost, don’t decide on doing it all alone. Ask other bridesmaids to be part of the planning too. This way, activities can be distributed and focused upon. Try to ask specific questions to the Bride-to-be about what she want and what all did she have in mind for the day.
  • Set a Budget and pool in– It is your friend’s wedding, agreed, you are over-excited for her new life, agreed but don’t break the bank for it. Set a budget before planning the event and ask others to pool in. This way, you don’t end up shooting your finances, while others indulge themselves in fun.
  • Be careful with the surprises: It is equally important to be wary of the implications your surprise can bring. We all want to surprise our friends with the meticulous planning we did, but let not scare her with the over-done surprises. In such cases, try for surprises only if you know the bride too close – like a soul sister.
  • Try for theme party or theme invitation – everyone loves being invited and what is the best way to invite them in style. Try keeping a theme for the cards and getting it rolling within time.
  • Do buy fun party favors to make it an unforgettable Hen’s party, though as a friend you know her taste better, so if you think passing penis necklace would make her laugh, go ahead. Choose according to her taste and remember – not to embarrass her and make her feel uncomfortable.
  • Make it personal and not just another hangout – Show the bride how special she is to you with personal and thoughtful touches like dancing on her favorite songs, doing activities she like, messages for her on the cupcakes for the party etc.
  • Consider buying some kinds of props: Bride would be able to enjoy the center of attraction only for one night other than on her wedding day, so give her prop to let the hen stand out from the rest. Raid a fancy shop for funny wigs, angel wings or princess crowns. You can also try with options like veils and sashes.
  • Avoid walk on heels to shame – while it is sure going to be a messy hen’s party, encourage your bride-to-be to prefer flats or flip flops over her favorite heels. You surely don’t want to decorate her with blisters and plasters for her wedding.
  • Include games and quizzes to make it interesting – You can try famous games like “I’d never -” and “truth or dare” to add spice to the event. Also quiz on how better the bride know her would-be can be a good fun.
  • Don’t let your bride escape– everything perfect can change if your bride ends up with some other man in the party. This is your responsibility to ensure a good time for her and keep her away from sloshing over the unknown shoulders at the bar.
  • Don’t forget to Gift your hen – Everyone loves gifts –definitely she as well, why not to make it special by gifting her the most appropriate items for her wedding. While market is flooded with exotic gifting options, we recommend you to try the naughty ones like a two-piece for her honey moon, may be a kit with safety tools or a book for her reference.

A night Alone

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Fiction
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She cuddled around her own breast, pretending not to be seen in the darkest night of her life. Amidst the silence of her own breathing, she could hear everything loud and clear. A dog seemed to bark 2 lanes away from her. Someone on a bicycle had just collided and laughed at a distant. Watchman had tried to light his lantern hard, failing to which he had retorted in irritation.

The white linen sheet tightly wrapped around her body seemed waste on the purpose. It seemed the eyes searching to get hold of her would find her easily.

She gulped some air from her mouth, to avoid snorting from her nose. It was becoming difficult for her to pretend dead, when her body still demanded fresh air and light.

It had been a Saturday night, when she had decided to sleep all alone. She had told herself a story and had laughed off the obvious remarks made by the author. She had happily called her friends and had slept late. She had enjoyed the freedom of having no company.

She stared at her nails. Painted yellow and black with round edges, they seemed inappropriate to her. She decided to replace the black with orange, to make it look more vibrant and correct.

After giving it a good thought, she decided to peep outside the white sheet cocoon created by her. Obviously, there was nothing to be afraid of, she had thought.

She had always shared the bed with her sister. Being a middle class born, she never has had the luxury to own her own room. She had complained often about it, though her parents had ignored her howling.  She had tried seeking her sister’s support, but she was too young to understand the word ‘freedom’.

A week ago, her parents had decided to visit their old relatives with her younger sister. She had been overjoyed at the news. It was her chance to own the room and the house. It was an opportunity for her to call her friends and be the host. It was a dream for her to live and cherish.

She carefully exposed her nose out of the sheet, breathing impatiently. She waited for some reaction. It seemed, no one had noticed the bulging from the sheet. It was the turn of her entire face. Her eyes chose to shut tight while she uncovered her face. She counted till 10 before the eyes could gather courage to see the dark room around.

Oh yes, there was no one, she comforted herself.

Her aunt had been her companion in the parent’s absence, though she had managed to convince aunt for a night alone. Her aunt had been sceptical earlier but had granted her wish for that night. She had made her close the doors properly and had added her number on speed dial in case of emergency. She had checked the security system of the house and had warned the watchman to be careful before leaving.

 Her aunt had ensured every possible protection for her, but it all went into vain.

It was her aunt who could help her in the situation of trouble, she thought. She searched her phone under the pillow, moving her hands in and out of the pillow cover hurriedly. She could feel the device’s shape and weight, but it seemed her hands had lost their way.

After a useless fight with her pillow, she got hold of her dear device.

She had slept peacefully post her hours of enjoyment alone. She had decorated her room with pillows and flowers- to hug them while she slept on the scent. She had kept the television on- to keep her company while she occupied the bed alone. She had also worn her gold chain with embedded lord – to keep her safe while she dreamt evils and fight them off.

It had been 3:00 am in the morning when she had dreamt like usual. The story on black magic and evils came live to her. The witch had ripped off her parts and had cooked to serve her daughters. The lord around her neck seemed sleeping while the daughters enjoyed her bone and skin. She could see the witch laugh and chant. A black painted idol showered blood and the room smelled dead. She felt nauseated.

She had not slept post the dream. Even her breathing sound made her worry. She knew it was not for real, but she could still smell the blood and flesh around. She had missed her family and aunt.

After the call with her aunt, she felt nice.

She turned herself towards the window which she earlier had mistreated; the light rays were filling her room – reflecting the petals of the flowers in her direction.

She patted the back of her head and smiled. The Night Alone with witches appeared funny and light.

“A strange way of life, a dream scares in the dark noise-free night …while the same when recalled in day, bring a wide care-free smile”

My friend had decided to stay over weekend at my place and enrich me with her all the stories of blah-blah people. As a rule like always, I had not attempted to pay attention until I heard those lines.

And they both ordered another drink, for they wanted to celebrate

A couple already slouched, protagonist of some random drama they did later, happily ordered another drink – reason being the ‘celebrations’ which seemed incomplete without them getting drunk.

Might be, I don’t question their belief, but this disguised friend -LIQUOR do surprise me sometimes!

I remember those days back in 80s and 90s, when ordering something like this was considered against value systems. Though time has changed and so has the society. Now we accept it as a part of our lives, gulping down pints of it at a go. It has become a jingle for celebration, a toss for promotion and a tool for interaction.

Just one more drink can spiral into many in no time and that’s when the trouble starts.

Drinking may make you feel lively, witty and relaxed, though alcohol is a depressant drug that can also make you aggressive and argumentative. And drinking too much on one occasion can be dangerous – on your personal and health front.

It is better to know you and your drink before you start slumping walls while walking or risking yourself in the arms of someone at the bar along with the associated health risks.

So before you go out for your next booze party, Be-aware of the ‘list of Alcohol related facts (Alco-facts)’ which helps in a sensible and responsible drinking without spoiling the fun:

#1: Beer-Whiskey-Champagne Vs Stand-alone: We usually get on the chain of getting different drinks on every order placed, it goes like Beer then Whiskey Wine champagne and what not. Trust, this is not cool.  Mixing your drinks may give you a quick high, but it might produce hypoglycaemia, which causes dizziness, weakness and mood change.

So, don’t make your own cocktail inside your food bag, it will make your head go right-round-right-round.

And sipping your drink isn’t bad too. It helps your taste buds to savour the drink and delays the time of the alcohol kick – hence, more time to have fun before you lose your sense.

#2: Drinking limits: Drinking like a Tanki (Tank) is a myth. It is always advisable to know your drinking limits. May be a drink or two is good enough to present a sober you than a bottle portraying you as a guilty-stoop-life-under-sofa.

So, know your limits before you drink, it showcase you as a sensible drinker than amateur newbie.

And it also relieves from the after-drunk-dramas too, if you incur any.

Must Know

  • Do not exceed 2-3(for women)/3-4 (for men)units a day on a regular basis
  • Aim for at least 2 alcohol free days
  • Take a break before you go out for another hangover- at least for the sake of your liver

#3: Men Vs she: When our society is fighting for the equality of women and feminism in India, this Alcohol thing is definitely biased on genders. While women get drunk easily, men on the other hand enjoy their own leisure time to get high.

Our body is divided into watery and fatty areas and women have less water and more fat than men. Alcohol is absorbed into water areas and thus, we have easily drunken women than men. Also, there are other factors which make women prone to alcoholic effects – like ovulation time, menstrual cycle etc.

So, when setting a limit for yourself, it is mandate to consider your genus too.

And girls, you do understand the safety issues you might have when you go random drunk. Don’t you?

#4: Don’t miss your Happy Meal: Food acts like a gatekeeper for your body against alcohol. Popping in some food is a good idea between or before your drinks. Alcohol causes irritation in stomach and intestine leading to sickness and puke. A balanced meal not only prevents in slowing down the effect of alcohol, it also keep you away from drinking too much.

So avoid going on a hunger-drinking, it will make you sick rather than drunk.

And don’t forget to be hydrated too. It bargains the time to process alcohol and prevents from a possible hangover next day.

#5: Messing with energy drinks/drugs:  We often ignore the fact that while on medication, drinking should be prohibited. Alcohol reverses/nullifies the affect of the drug taken, sometimes leading to adverse effects.

Also, Energy drinks have stimulants and alcohol is a depressant, mixing the both means you are sending mixed messages to your nervous system leading to cardiac related problems.

So, keep away from messing and harming yourself.

And like it is said, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

#6: Right company, Right place:  An imperative formula to stay aware of your drinking habits is to be assured of the people and the place around. A few drinks more with friends at home is a better option than going merry with less familiar group. Not only does it safe guard you against any personal embarrassments, it also aids a safe landing post hangover.

So, before you say yes to other boozy hangouts, be confident of your company and mates

And, boys – we hope you don’t want to end up waking up in some unknown shit, do you?

#7: His life at your stake:  Please stop being adamant about the ‘new-free-spirited-you’ going on a drive. Driving yourself back home is a bad idea. You might have the power to risk your own life, but you surely do not hold the permission to jeopardize someone else’s existence.

So, don’t do drink and drive, it is better to opt for public transportation/ pick-up instead.

And, this is not ‘being dependent and moronic’; this is completely wise thing to do.

#8: Appoint a friend: If a situation leads you into something you have not planned for, say crossing your drinking limits or an unknown company, the best way out is to have a friend at your rescue. Keep one who is a teetotaller or not a passionate drinker to save you from falling into a pit. He will ensure to keep a check on you when your senses are no more active.

So, it is prudent to let someone know of a possible chaos than to be trouble-struck

And guys, only friends can keep your secret of throwing up in a discotheque or proposing a random chic post multiple drinks and no one else.

#9: Stay Smart with your phones: Still if you find that the points to be kept in mind before you step out to drink is all GYAN or are not EASY, then let your phone act smarter than you. There are many applications which help you to know your alcohol limit for the day.

So, avoid the hangover (and those awkward good-byes) by keeping tabs on what you are drinking.

And, you do realise that smart phones are indeed smart.

Some apps for your reference

  • Intellidrink and R-u-Buzzed for Iphone
  • ALCulator and Alcohol Calculator for Android
  • Drinking Buddy and BAC calculator for Windows

Mind these AlcoFacts and Be-aware, before you go Tipsy next time.

Cheers to no more walks of shame

She saw him closely for the first time. He looked tempting. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, there was something unusual about him. She admired his moustaches- which she earlier had rejected, she appreciated the greed in his eyes- which she earlier had criticized and she loved him near-which she earlier had not allowed.

They had met in a get together 2 years back. There had been a strange connection post that, both trying to spend as much time together. They had spent every weekend , talking continuously for hours. They had ignored the social circle, laughing over a senseless joke. They had watched stars under sky, forgetting to return home.

 He had been insistent on getting under covers after their first trip together. Even though she had dismissed the thought in front of him fearing society, she herself had fantasized him during the dark hours.  They knew it was hard to resist each other, but they also knew-it was not a good idea either.

He stripped her last knot of the dress, climbing carefully on the exposed body. It was her turn to do the needful. But she seemed lost in his eyes, mesmerized by his twinkles. He smiled and unbuttoned his shirt on his own. He knew she was new to the show.

After months of resistance and denial, she finally had agreed to his fancies. The room was booked at the outskirts, to avoid unnecessary interventions. She had selected the best of her dress for the occasion, trying it for nth time before finalizing. He had bought a special perfume, to relish the moment he waited. And they both have decided to keep it a secret, to keep away from society judgments.

They both rest naked beside each other, tired and exhausted after the action just completed. He had been nice while placing himself inside her, caressing and guiding at every step. She had been shy, resistive and careful at every minute. His experience and her innocence had made the perfect combination. She knew she was content and so was he.

She had meticulously selected the day before her marriage, excusing herself for a trip with friends. She had extended the stay for a day after the trip, to gift him the last she could before she leave. He had clubbed it with his official trip, justifying his absence to his wife at home. 

‘I should be going now, see you there’, she said adjusting her dress and handing him the invitation card. He knew he was meant to be present at her wedding, helping the family in necessary preparations. He knew she wanted him to be there, watching her in her wedding attires. He knew the chapter was over, worth reading and revising soon.

The dark eyes and glossed lips had taken over his heart the day they had met after her return from foreign land. He had offered her help in studies, life and fun. He had taken her to places, in hopes of getting a flesh of hers. She had opposed the demands he had, often relating it to sin. She had been strong about her decision until she had fallen for him.

He entered the hall to greet the couple. She could see the usual playfulness in his eyes while he walked. She could sense the usual calm in his mood while he talked. She could hear the usual laugh in his mind while he enjoyed.

‘We can continue’, he said hugging her tight on the stage, ‘after all, it will be a secret like before’

She had tried to forget the moments she had spent with him while she attended all her functions. She had tried to like her groom while her mind had hovered around him.  She had tried to feel happy about the life while her heart cried over the past night.

She had known since long, the guy she dated was already taken. She had known since long, the love she felt was not hers. And she had known since long, this relation shared was with her own cousin.

She stared as he left – her skin as pale as garden yellow. She screamed inside her heart in guilt; scratching her body with her nails. She ran inside the room, leaving the function and the groom.

And she roared as she wept, ‘OH God, this time don’t forgive me for this PURPOSEFUL SIN’

She knew they together had spent the night, the things happened between were not right…. She doomed herself in no light… This was her sad remorseful plight.