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Start of October marks the festivities and celebrations in every part of the country. Be it north or south, country seems to dwell into the mode of fun and frolic. One can see colours, smiles and tradition in every possible corner. Every year, the same celebrations and festivals bring a new hope and enthusiasm in all Indiawalle.

To celebrate the month of fiesta this year in a different way, we bring here a list of things one must do this October to make most of 2014:

  1. Experiment with colours: yes, wear the dirtiest blue with bright florescent orange and roam carefree around. Trust, the fun of playing with your wardrobe and accessories will not go wrong this month. Try and experiment with your overall looks and add lot of jazz to your own story.
  2. Adopt a sport: We aren’t that old to sit back and await death! Going out with bunch of old friends for a cricket match or a golf play should not be a bad idea. Choose a sport of your own choice and be the PLAYER.
  3. Get out of the city: What can be the best idea than to spend your festival outside your city with your loved ones? Experience the beauty of diversity in the country and enjoy your long weekend somewhere out of the city.
  4. Enrol and learn new activity with your partner: The celebrations dipped in romance are the new in thing this October. Look for some couple dance class or cooking class this month and savour the time with your partner when you both fall in love yet again.
  5. Reveal the child in you: We know how badly we want to re-live our childhood days. So what’s the worry? The month is free from all obligations! Dance like no one is watching, wear the butterfly clips and watch your favourite ‘tom and jerry’ shows- do what it feels like to be a child.
  6. Send ‘friendship award cards’ – Amidst the busy life, this month also offers an excuse to giveaway gifts to all loved ones. Make it even more interesting. Send a handmade award card to all your besties and make them feel special. To make it easier, we have some award categories for you – My agony aunt of the year, The honey bunny, My secret crush, Sister/brother from another mother etc
  7. Cook and invite – Encourage the master chef in you and invite all your aunties and uncles, friends for a grand dinner. Even better, ask your friends to help you too in all the cooking and washing.
  8. Scare the spirits and go shopping: Try shopping from the Jaipur shopping festival this year. Loaded with handcrafted items and jewellery, this shopping festival is sure a bet. Also, don’t miss out on organizing a Halloween party or be part of it on 31st of the month – only day which gives you privilege to look your worst best publicly!
  9. Be a ‘Genie’ to someone: October starts with a famous ‘Daan utsav’ (earlier – joy of giving week) which encourages people to donate to the poor. This month, try to fulfil one wish of that person who needs it badly, trust no joy will make you this happy.
  10. At the end, do give your phones a rest and live like a pro – enjoy every moment with the people you love and care.