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Published in Ranchi Lifestyle, May 2015

It always has been a controversial topic- ‘women and their wants’. Most of the people (99.9% males) feel that women are the most complex species ever lived on the earth. But does that imply the other (better) halves are simpler?

While every man is different, there are few ‘aspirations’ every man wants to achieve.

We at Ranchi Lifestyle thought to decode and do a dissection of our Indian Man and see, what exactly holds too much importance in their lives.

<Girls, watch out… It is time for you to start thinking about them too)

  • A playful woman and an independent life partner

Want something that can drive him crazy and can attract him for a deeper connection. Men love to be active and to play. It is not what you say that makes them ‘feel for you’ but the overall experience you create for them. So little teasing and sarcasm here and there can always ramp up there interest.

Also, they like to have a woman who can inspire them in life – a woman with a purpose and not living only for relationship. Best way is to be busy in your own life and not making him ‘world’ suddenly. He never wants you to drop your interests, hobbies, work and fun for him- REMEMBER, he chose you for what you are and not for what he can mould you into!

  • A prideful body

This is one of the most important aspects of ‘I want’ list of any man. The passion to have a good looking body is seen to be strong in men primarily because it helps them score better!

Well, apart from the obvious reasons, a strong and nice build-up is seen to boost confidence and balance their emotional quotient.

  • Adventure and fun

Oh, this is their life. Adventure and fun keeps them going. Be it a cliff jumping or parasailing, they like it all. Obviously, extent of adventure does differ among individuals.

Fun on the other hand adds spice to their life. Men unlike women are too focussed on their definition of fun – a chilled beer with a buddy and checking out chicks is all they want.

  • Freedom and space

They value their relationships and their friends, but at the same time want that none should hamper their ‘ME TIME or PERSONAL SPACE’. They don’t like to give this licence to even their better halves. (Now you know why there are breakups!)

  • A simple discussion (and not arguments)

Men like to keep it simple and straightforward and expect the same from the person they interact with. They say what they feel without filtering (most of the times). They want to understand the opinions and the reason of mismatch, and don’t like when a simple discussion turns into an arguments. Ladies, they don’t really fear a lost battle, all they want is ‘a simple discussion’.

  • Gadgets

Notebook, music player, tablets and what not, you name it and they will like to have them all. Yes, they are crazily madly in love with gizmos. It makes them feel empowered.

The only thing that can stop them owning is the great wall of ‘affordability’!

  • A good quality drink – Primarily Beer and whiskey!

When know their drinks well, it is not for ‘getting drunk’. They savour the experience the liquid gives them and hence, they are in constant look out for good quality drinks. Beer and Whiskey are their hot favourites. While Beer is considered as a casual drink giving edge to their boyish age, Whiskey is for machoism and its taste as they ascend the life stage.

  • Emotional support

Yes, many men may not agree to this but men are really weak when it comes to emotions. However, they don’t like to show it. If they are emotionally attached with you, they will never harm or cheat you for sure (unless they are psychopaths). They always look for encouragement, appreciation and recognition among their known. A fair expectation, isn’t it?

So girls, do you now understand why man behave like the way they are?

And guys let us know if we missed out on something!



My friend had decided to stay over weekend at my place and enrich me with her all the stories of blah-blah people. As a rule like always, I had not attempted to pay attention until I heard those lines.

And they both ordered another drink, for they wanted to celebrate

A couple already slouched, protagonist of some random drama they did later, happily ordered another drink – reason being the ‘celebrations’ which seemed incomplete without them getting drunk.

Might be, I don’t question their belief, but this disguised friend -LIQUOR do surprise me sometimes!

I remember those days back in 80s and 90s, when ordering something like this was considered against value systems. Though time has changed and so has the society. Now we accept it as a part of our lives, gulping down pints of it at a go. It has become a jingle for celebration, a toss for promotion and a tool for interaction.

Just one more drink can spiral into many in no time and that’s when the trouble starts.

Drinking may make you feel lively, witty and relaxed, though alcohol is a depressant drug that can also make you aggressive and argumentative. And drinking too much on one occasion can be dangerous – on your personal and health front.

It is better to know you and your drink before you start slumping walls while walking or risking yourself in the arms of someone at the bar along with the associated health risks.

So before you go out for your next booze party, Be-aware of the ‘list of Alcohol related facts (Alco-facts)’ which helps in a sensible and responsible drinking without spoiling the fun:

#1: Beer-Whiskey-Champagne Vs Stand-alone: We usually get on the chain of getting different drinks on every order placed, it goes like Beer then Whiskey Wine champagne and what not. Trust, this is not cool.  Mixing your drinks may give you a quick high, but it might produce hypoglycaemia, which causes dizziness, weakness and mood change.

So, don’t make your own cocktail inside your food bag, it will make your head go right-round-right-round.

And sipping your drink isn’t bad too. It helps your taste buds to savour the drink and delays the time of the alcohol kick – hence, more time to have fun before you lose your sense.

#2: Drinking limits: Drinking like a Tanki (Tank) is a myth. It is always advisable to know your drinking limits. May be a drink or two is good enough to present a sober you than a bottle portraying you as a guilty-stoop-life-under-sofa.

So, know your limits before you drink, it showcase you as a sensible drinker than amateur newbie.

And it also relieves from the after-drunk-dramas too, if you incur any.

Must Know

  • Do not exceed 2-3(for women)/3-4 (for men)units a day on a regular basis
  • Aim for at least 2 alcohol free days
  • Take a break before you go out for another hangover- at least for the sake of your liver

#3: Men Vs she: When our society is fighting for the equality of women and feminism in India, this Alcohol thing is definitely biased on genders. While women get drunk easily, men on the other hand enjoy their own leisure time to get high.

Our body is divided into watery and fatty areas and women have less water and more fat than men. Alcohol is absorbed into water areas and thus, we have easily drunken women than men. Also, there are other factors which make women prone to alcoholic effects – like ovulation time, menstrual cycle etc.

So, when setting a limit for yourself, it is mandate to consider your genus too.

And girls, you do understand the safety issues you might have when you go random drunk. Don’t you?

#4: Don’t miss your Happy Meal: Food acts like a gatekeeper for your body against alcohol. Popping in some food is a good idea between or before your drinks. Alcohol causes irritation in stomach and intestine leading to sickness and puke. A balanced meal not only prevents in slowing down the effect of alcohol, it also keep you away from drinking too much.

So avoid going on a hunger-drinking, it will make you sick rather than drunk.

And don’t forget to be hydrated too. It bargains the time to process alcohol and prevents from a possible hangover next day.

#5: Messing with energy drinks/drugs:  We often ignore the fact that while on medication, drinking should be prohibited. Alcohol reverses/nullifies the affect of the drug taken, sometimes leading to adverse effects.

Also, Energy drinks have stimulants and alcohol is a depressant, mixing the both means you are sending mixed messages to your nervous system leading to cardiac related problems.

So, keep away from messing and harming yourself.

And like it is said, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

#6: Right company, Right place:  An imperative formula to stay aware of your drinking habits is to be assured of the people and the place around. A few drinks more with friends at home is a better option than going merry with less familiar group. Not only does it safe guard you against any personal embarrassments, it also aids a safe landing post hangover.

So, before you say yes to other boozy hangouts, be confident of your company and mates

And, boys – we hope you don’t want to end up waking up in some unknown shit, do you?

#7: His life at your stake:  Please stop being adamant about the ‘new-free-spirited-you’ going on a drive. Driving yourself back home is a bad idea. You might have the power to risk your own life, but you surely do not hold the permission to jeopardize someone else’s existence.

So, don’t do drink and drive, it is better to opt for public transportation/ pick-up instead.

And, this is not ‘being dependent and moronic’; this is completely wise thing to do.

#8: Appoint a friend: If a situation leads you into something you have not planned for, say crossing your drinking limits or an unknown company, the best way out is to have a friend at your rescue. Keep one who is a teetotaller or not a passionate drinker to save you from falling into a pit. He will ensure to keep a check on you when your senses are no more active.

So, it is prudent to let someone know of a possible chaos than to be trouble-struck

And guys, only friends can keep your secret of throwing up in a discotheque or proposing a random chic post multiple drinks and no one else.

#9: Stay Smart with your phones: Still if you find that the points to be kept in mind before you step out to drink is all GYAN or are not EASY, then let your phone act smarter than you. There are many applications which help you to know your alcohol limit for the day.

So, avoid the hangover (and those awkward good-byes) by keeping tabs on what you are drinking.

And, you do realise that smart phones are indeed smart.

Some apps for your reference

  • Intellidrink and R-u-Buzzed for Iphone
  • ALCulator and Alcohol Calculator for Android
  • Drinking Buddy and BAC calculator for Windows

Mind these AlcoFacts and Be-aware, before you go Tipsy next time.

Cheers to no more walks of shame