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‘And I always thought, I am damn safe in my own cocoon’

She switched off the lights after taking her daily midnight bath.

She had always loved it -water, bubbles and self, completely immersed in the bath tub, thinking nothingness for an hour.

Like always, she had taken the same short cut back home from office, she had cooked the same boring oat meal for dinner and she had slipped into her old boring grey night wear to say goodnight to the world. Like always, she had thought.

She turned her back towards the only window in her room.

The window had been nice to her ever since she has shifted in the office. She would drink her morning coffee, looking down at the weird dog owners who would run behind their dogs from her window. She would sometimes, paint beside the window, looking closely at the passerby. She had also sobbed looking at the window, in the hope that someone somewhere was watching her cry. Like always, window has been her only companion in the room.

She did not want to be disturbed. She did not want to see the flashing lights of the vehicle passing under her window. She did not want to hear the roaring sounds of the trucks laden with fruits, vegetables or anything. She wanted sleep. She wanted peace. She wanted solitude.

‘She had always been a loner’; her mother had always told her friends, neighbors and relatives in despair. Though, she would always chuckle at her mother’s remarks. She knew, she was not a loner. She had friends. She had people to talk to. She had companions to hang out with. But her preference was to talk to self, her entertainment was hanging out alone and her friend was her only soul.

She looked at the clock again. 2.30 am. Still hours to go to wake up, she thought closing her eyes tightly. ‘Sleep, sleep, sleep please’, she authoritatively told herself.

She had shifted to a flat away from home for her job. She would visit her mother once in two months. Other than that, her weekends were mainly wasted in creating few more paintings, reading about psychology and cooking ‘good food’. She would also take out one Saturday for Feni, her flatmate and hang out buddy in the unknown city. They both would sneak into their converse, wear loose T-shirts and would walk through the lanes in Pyjamas. Amidst the solitude, Feni was her only interaction with the outer world.

She stared at the clock. 2.45 am. It seemed, the clock has been stuck. She switched on the lights to have a closer look. 2.46 am. May be, the clock moved faster in her supervision, she thought.

She switched on the TV to watch news.

It had been 5 months that she had stopped going out with Feni too. She would stay in her room whole day, only coming out to cook. Sometimes, she would even skip cooking and stay hungry whole day. She had also started avoiding Feni’s room. She would behave as if the room never existed.

The news seemed sad. It talked how the stars play a role in screwing every body’s life, or how a saint can molest a girl or how the country is moving and growing. Nothing interested her. Her eyes wanted to sleep. But her heart would not let her; after all, it was again a Saturday. A Saturday meant to be spent with Feni, her dear buddy.

It had been a usual Saturday with Feni. Though, she had decided to leave early alone. She had planned to pick some gifts for Feni. She had gone to a florist to buy some yellow and pink flowers of her choice, she had ordered a customized cake showing two girls on a bike for her and she had even brought a nice floral dress for her. After all, Feni was getting married!

They both have decided to meet at the Bakers, their favorite shop to try varieties of cakes and chocolates.

She had waited for Feni forever that day, but Feni had not come. Annoyed, she had thrown the gift in the bin while returning home. She had tip-toed straight to her room, sure of not asking for any explanations. She had cried whole night thinking about the possible reason of not showing up, and had later slept off.

She reluctantly decided to knock at the Feni’s door. She opened her door and stared for a minute towards her room. Lights were still on. She dragged her feet slowly towards the room. After gathering all her courage, she forced opened her room.

She had not cared to ask for Feni the whole week.  She had re-assumed her work following week and had ignored her room. She had often wondered about the absence of calls from Feni, it was so unlike her. Though, her anger would stop her anxious self.

After 10 days of ‘pretentious ignoring Feni’, she had decided to talk to Feni face to face. She had come home early that night and had gone towards her room straight away.  After an hour of continuous knocking and struggling to get through her room door, she had called the boys she knew. The male gang had broken the door that night to witness the horrific incident. 

Feni’s dead fiancé slept naked on the blood stained bed. The room smelled blood and flesh. It seemed, someone had dragged him in the room by his soft beautiful hair, which Feni had always loved. The mirror in the room stood unbroken with some patches of dried blood.

Shocked, she had vigorously searched for Feni. Walking through the messed room and broken flower pots, she had cried within herself.

‘Feni, oh dear Feni’, she had thought.

She stood staring at the bed. She could still visualize the dead fiancé. She could still smell the blood and the flesh in the room. She could still see Feni chattering nonchalantly over phone. And she could still see Feni fading away from the room and her life.

‘5 months or 5 years, you are always missed oh my dear…’



The day which is scheduled for 14th February every year, attracts many wanted and unwanted attention. While many of us get excited of knowing that it is coming, rest of the world feel depressed for the same reasons.

The excited ones- go out to buy the prettiest red dress, the sexiest red tie, hit Google for gifting options and do reservations, though the rest of the world, succumb themselves only to blame work for no outings.

Either ways, the day is worth the wait and fun to experience.

However, over the years, the day had been revamping itself. While it all started with expressing love and gifting roses and chocolates to the one you love, our gen-next has taken a step ahead to define the day.

The new generation is techie, impatient and often lazy – searching for something which saves time and energy. They are not too emotionally attached, and don’t mind shifting to next prospects. They take love with rather a pinch of salt. For them, the day is another excuse to ask for dates.

While the ‘no strings attached relationships’ mantra is becoming the ‘big thing’, there are many who still sail on the love seas. For them, the love day is everything they live for.

So to help both- the fast forward generation as well as the love birds to buy some nice gifts for the day, we have few smart options for the different type of lovers on the block à

  • If your love of the life is ‘tech-maniac’ – these people are majorly honours in technology. They breathe, live and eat only to know which gadget would be launched next. Their life revolves around singing goodnight jingles over phone for you and telling you about the hottest tech-pad they aspire. Well, these are the expensive of the lots. While their choice of gifts would range anything from I-pad to smart watches to X-boxes, we suggest you to look for customization within the limited choice you have in your budget. You can gift covers for their gadgets engraved with their names along with yours or you could get the back of the gadget printed with the picture of you together.
  • When you know your love is a ‘day-dreamer’ – if your lover is a day dreamer, trust you have hit a jackpot. They are sweet people, who would prefer to date you in their thoughts rather than forcing you to buy an expensive gift for the day. Their idea of love is to have you by their side and discuss their unlimited future plans. A smallest of a teddy bear over the candle light dinner makes them elated. For the male day-dreamers, we suggest a day well spent in your nicest of the dress to make you look cute and happy.
  • If the better half is too smart and creative – a tough one to handle, you rather need to plan ahead for the day to make them special. They know you in and out, plus the creativity zeal in them often depresses you about the gifts you should give. Take a deep breath and stop competing in their creativity. It will be hard to beat them. The simplest ideas could range from looking for something they had never done to may be an adventure sport option or planning a treasure hunt for the things they love.
  • Only if it’s your first valentine with her/him – a word of caution- don’t do Bolly-wood in front of them! They don’t want you to be romantic and go crazy booking tables at the most expensive restaurants, all they want is you right now. So discuss and plan the day together- girls would rather enjoy getting dressed in your favourite clothes while guys might love you for managing whole day for them.
  • Suggested for ‘love at first sight’ – these are like emergency situations, cupid has just thought to strike your chords. Don’t plan anything. Safest option is to stick to traditional flowers and chocolates in a heart shaped box!
  • If your love is already celebrating its silver jubilee– when you know that you both are born, lived and also ageing together. They rule your heart, mind and soul now, and you don’t remember the last time you dated someone else. Your love is complaining about the tasteless food and fighting over petty issues. The most romantic gift you can give them is the glimpse of memory lane. It could be as simple as gifting them an album of memories with short notes to as complicated as making a movie on your love life together.
  • Hooked and booked conditions – if you are still enjoying your courtship period with your love or are newly-wed couple, planning a mini-picnic or trip is not a bad idea. You could also gift diamonds and accessories to add oomph to the new love.
  • If you are single and ready to mingle – If the cupid has not aimed his arrow at you yet, but you are dying to get attacked soon – this is one for you. Buy something for yourself; you would have otherwise loved your partner to gift you. Use it the same day and spend the time of singlehood with yourself. Drink coffee and eat pastry, go on for a bike ride and wear the prettiest colour you like. Do things for yourself, this could be the last year to love and pamper yourself like you do at present. And you never know, the chirpy you on V-day is the only way to find your love

All we want to suggest you is that, no matter what you gift and what you do, just enjoy the ride to the unknown destination!

A night Alone

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Fiction
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She cuddled around her own breast, pretending not to be seen in the darkest night of her life. Amidst the silence of her own breathing, she could hear everything loud and clear. A dog seemed to bark 2 lanes away from her. Someone on a bicycle had just collided and laughed at a distant. Watchman had tried to light his lantern hard, failing to which he had retorted in irritation.

The white linen sheet tightly wrapped around her body seemed waste on the purpose. It seemed the eyes searching to get hold of her would find her easily.

She gulped some air from her mouth, to avoid snorting from her nose. It was becoming difficult for her to pretend dead, when her body still demanded fresh air and light.

It had been a Saturday night, when she had decided to sleep all alone. She had told herself a story and had laughed off the obvious remarks made by the author. She had happily called her friends and had slept late. She had enjoyed the freedom of having no company.

She stared at her nails. Painted yellow and black with round edges, they seemed inappropriate to her. She decided to replace the black with orange, to make it look more vibrant and correct.

After giving it a good thought, she decided to peep outside the white sheet cocoon created by her. Obviously, there was nothing to be afraid of, she had thought.

She had always shared the bed with her sister. Being a middle class born, she never has had the luxury to own her own room. She had complained often about it, though her parents had ignored her howling.  She had tried seeking her sister’s support, but she was too young to understand the word ‘freedom’.

A week ago, her parents had decided to visit their old relatives with her younger sister. She had been overjoyed at the news. It was her chance to own the room and the house. It was an opportunity for her to call her friends and be the host. It was a dream for her to live and cherish.

She carefully exposed her nose out of the sheet, breathing impatiently. She waited for some reaction. It seemed, no one had noticed the bulging from the sheet. It was the turn of her entire face. Her eyes chose to shut tight while she uncovered her face. She counted till 10 before the eyes could gather courage to see the dark room around.

Oh yes, there was no one, she comforted herself.

Her aunt had been her companion in the parent’s absence, though she had managed to convince aunt for a night alone. Her aunt had been sceptical earlier but had granted her wish for that night. She had made her close the doors properly and had added her number on speed dial in case of emergency. She had checked the security system of the house and had warned the watchman to be careful before leaving.

 Her aunt had ensured every possible protection for her, but it all went into vain.

It was her aunt who could help her in the situation of trouble, she thought. She searched her phone under the pillow, moving her hands in and out of the pillow cover hurriedly. She could feel the device’s shape and weight, but it seemed her hands had lost their way.

After a useless fight with her pillow, she got hold of her dear device.

She had slept peacefully post her hours of enjoyment alone. She had decorated her room with pillows and flowers- to hug them while she slept on the scent. She had kept the television on- to keep her company while she occupied the bed alone. She had also worn her gold chain with embedded lord – to keep her safe while she dreamt evils and fight them off.

It had been 3:00 am in the morning when she had dreamt like usual. The story on black magic and evils came live to her. The witch had ripped off her parts and had cooked to serve her daughters. The lord around her neck seemed sleeping while the daughters enjoyed her bone and skin. She could see the witch laugh and chant. A black painted idol showered blood and the room smelled dead. She felt nauseated.

She had not slept post the dream. Even her breathing sound made her worry. She knew it was not for real, but she could still smell the blood and flesh around. She had missed her family and aunt.

After the call with her aunt, she felt nice.

She turned herself towards the window which she earlier had mistreated; the light rays were filling her room – reflecting the petals of the flowers in her direction.

She patted the back of her head and smiled. The Night Alone with witches appeared funny and light.

“A strange way of life, a dream scares in the dark noise-free night …while the same when recalled in day, bring a wide care-free smile”

26 Single

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Family Life, lifestyle
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Recently I read an article about a girl unmarried at the age of 26. It read similar to what the book ‘Almost single’ by Advaita Kala talks about- Continuous sniggering of relatives, a state of doomed mind and clueless head of a single independent lady! And the reason primarily being Man-less in their near to end of twenties.

It made me thinking. With ‘WE’ trying to prove ourselves in the competitive world, happy with the results professionally- personal life sometimes become a challenge to deal with in late twenties. While more than half of our batch mates are already planning for their off springs, we still seem excited about a party to hit the floor or for our new crush! People perceive it scary, but for us, we know its fine!

So for those who think it’s not cool to be single at 26 or think, we need help- I really want to question:

1)      Who invented the concept of maximum age limit? No seriously, what the hell make people believe that age is the right criteria to decide things. So even if a person is not mentally settled for a marriage at the age of 30, still she is supposed to be married. Otherwise, it would be too late. As if there is some train to catch or a deadline to meet. Marriage- the next ‘in thing’ in life post getting a job.

Come on dude, Government had also defined minimum age for marriage and not maximum!


2)      Single at 26 is better or stuck with wrong person at 24-25 sounds cool? Out of pressure, we often tend to get it over. We make wrong choices, quick approaches and end up in a mess. Common guys, it a matter of our life, we humans look for warranty/guarantee in objects like washing machine and refrigerators also, how do you expect us to be so quick and sure for a life time deal with no security. Sometimes, you need more time to gamble and play safe. Forcing or getting desperate to get married is insane, give yourself time to decide!

Does not matter, we Indians all borne to adjust! Survival of the ‘adjuster’ my foot! L


3)      What do you mean by ‘your choice’?  Now this is a broad meaning game played usually. We are told that it would be our choice for our life partners. Great! We go ahead, meet someone and make them meet our family. But they reject, saying your choice is wrong! Okay, we let them go ahead, choose few for us and then we reject all. They are sure our choice is wrong! All in all, we have real no choice.

Your choice is only agreed if it matches their choice, if you divert from what is being told then you are a big WRONG :X


4)      Please define the goal – yes, we surely need a definition for our life. All our life, we were told that the motto is to lead a good respectable life. I am sure; we all are doing that or at least working towards it, then how this all marriage affair came into existence and became the top most priority?

We will even do that, but don’t make it our lifetime goal


5)      Is it sensible to do what others tell you? Many have to undergo unnecessary pressure of getting married at a certain age for not what your elders want for us, but for the society. They don’t want to hear them saying behind the backs. Is it good to get it over because of society criticism?

We make the society, how can it rule over us?

We don’t know how to evaluate or understand the ‘real logic’ behind getting married in a certain age limit, may be biological constraints are more prominent than the societal norms. We appreciate and love the people who are with their soul mates but we also are happy for us too. We do believe that marriage is an important part of life though not the only ‘chapter’! Stop being ‘mad’ about it

P.S: I know, many of you are already settled and do not relate to this, but this relates to the truth of 26 Single!

The Goan Delight!

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While Goa seems to be the most happening place in India for us, it turned out an experience of a lifetime for me. Not that I have not been to Goa before, but this time, I am sure it was magically beautiful.

Few things which I believe have helped me to savour the beauty of the place:

1)      Beautiful and loving company: yes, my friends! We have different type of friends, some are fun to be with and some are your agony aunts. With these amazing ladies, I share not only the similar interest, but also a loving, carefree bond which do not ask for ‘how do I look, ‘what I say’, ‘how my brain works’ and ‘what should I do’.  So the best part of the trip was- we three decided to travel together!

2)      Travel is not only to un-bound : I usually prefer taking breaks from ‘not so good’ life and plan to travel. This makes me normal ME again. This time, the motive though same, changed at the last moment. The ‘supposed to be rejuvenating trip’ was ‘celebration travel’ for all 3 of us. We had planned for this a month back in remorse, but life took a positive turn and the trip was a toast of celebration. We were relaxed, without pressure of deadlines and society. No matter, we just stared the sky for 2 hours; it seemed to be partying for us and our lives! A different perspective of different mood!

3)      No show-off : I really think, this was the sole dominant reason which had made our trip to Goa an unique experience. We were so busy enjoying ourselves and in water that we hardly got time to get ourselves clicked. Also that would have meant ‘looking good’, dressing up and posting it on instagram or facebook. We did nothing. Instead, we thought to concentrate on the surrounding. So we roam like dudes on our scooties, hunted the place like monsters and presented ourselves like a queens of no man’s land!

4)      Know the localite: okay this was un-intentional. Our jobs have made us so. The talkative and down to earth lot 😉 . Since we are bound to interact with all sort of consumers on field, the curiosity quotient have actually risen to a dangerous level where we cannot help ourselves but to be a friend to all waiters and hawkers whom we meet on the move! And this had given us a sneak peak of the life in Goa, ease of move and special attention from all. So the queens got their own territory to rule too!

5)      Do the avoidable :  This may sound little out of normal, though my experience says, please try it once! It does work wonders. So all girls trip to Goa was compete turn off for most of my known, the fact that we made no rules to behave was scarier. So yes to dresses, yes to late night drives and yes to friendly flirting- with a pinch of elegance and respect! You are what you are, please don’t suppress the ‘YOU’

6)      Kill your fear  :  this is only for people like me, who are afraid of every second thing. As i said, I was afraid of water and everything. An honest confession 😦 , been to Goa more than thrice, I could not gather much to actually try anything. This time, my friends forced me to try the banana ride. I had prepared myself whole night to die next morning, but here I am writing this ‘write-up’ all alive and laughing at the experience!

I want to do it again and again, all the rides of water now, but I still fear other things! Should travel again to conquer the next thing- may be air or height 😛

7)      Care for no-one:  This is so common; we do say it a lot. But how many of us really do it? We did it this time! We wore the most comfort, days spent dirty and doing what we wanted. All we did was to look into the eyes of star embedded sky, dance under sun, play with water and forget the ‘must see places’! Goa still has unexplored gems to offer 🙂

8)      Last, write and recall! : Now this is something specific to individual. Someone has said, if you write what you feel, you feel it again and when you read what you wrote, the memory comes alive yet again. That someone is ME 😉 Writing helps!

So what i want to say is – please travel, give rest to your phone calls and facebook… you still are human unlike robots that you try to copy!

World itself is a great school to learn from J

P.S: Not a GYAN that I am trying to give, just sharing my experiences- The Goan Delight