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Keep calm ny resolution

 New Year’s is one of the most celebrated days for most of us in the year – giving us hopes and helping us get away from all the not-so-good things we did last year. It is like a re-incarnation for some, a video game for others where they have cleared another stage successfully.

We make plans, do night outs and go bunzy-jumping when the clock stuck 12 midnight. Yohoo, a new year. Every year, we do everything differently.

But what most remain consistent with most of us is –OUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

And after 365 days of trying to attain those goals (or rather pretend attending), we just scratch them off to jot down fresh goals… PHEWW…


Today being the second last day of this eventful year – 2014, I thought to pen down some cautions before you pledge again for the new year’s resolution and fail drastically yet again (like me) –

  • Don’t punish yourself – It starts with, ‘I will lose 20 pounds this year’ to ‘I will not date Samaira anymore’ – a list full of restrictions and DONT’S. Dude, this new years is not meant to murder you with its sharp knife, come on, this year means another chance to live your life. Utilize it, don’t kill it. Instead of “I will not…”… Write “I will…” like I will go sky diving this year, I will at least do 5 solitude travelling, I will learn guitar, I will date 5 different girls from different countries and things like that!

           I can already feel the motivation 🙂

  • Be innovative – your wish list should at least have one crazy thing to look back upon. What is the fun of doing only the obvious.

           Think Think Think- as crazy as you can 😉

  • Be real, you are not a superman  -even super heroes work one case at a time; don’t run into multiple things at the same time for the year. Be realistic of what you are writing, if you are serious about fulfilling your resolution this year. So may be, writing down that you will go to Mount Everest when you don’t have a basic training is saying too much, may be you can replace it with trekking with friends. Trust, it will be more fun and achievable.

          But don’t listen to me if you can really touch the highest peak 🙂

  • Have an action plan ready à it is not one day that you will decide, “O; I had to go para-gliding this year, let’s do it”. Complete No. Plan when will you do what. Distribute your ‘wish list’ among the 12 months of the year, so that none of them feel cheated and you are not burdened.

           I am freaking out in May I know, and may be relax and go leisure trip in October holidays

  • Keep ticking as you do – yes, you lazy ass…Write your resolutions first and then tick them off once you fulfil any one of them. So by the time you approach half the year, you don’t get lost and lose the track. This is necessary to keep you going throughout the year

           As motivated and encouraged in August as in January!

  • Keep calm, it is just another fun-wish list – At the end of the year, don’t scold yourself for not fulfilling few ideas you thought you would do. It is completely okay. Remember, at least your track record is not bad like the previous years. At least you tried doing stuffs you wanted.

          So enjoy what you did this year and will be doing next year!


Think enough of blah-blah before you immerse yourself in the new year blast and lose your senses 😉

Happy new year’s Folks, wish you a prosperous year ahead

With Love, MISHTEEY 



Start of October marks the festivities and celebrations in every part of the country. Be it north or south, country seems to dwell into the mode of fun and frolic. One can see colours, smiles and tradition in every possible corner. Every year, the same celebrations and festivals bring a new hope and enthusiasm in all Indiawalle.

To celebrate the month of fiesta this year in a different way, we bring here a list of things one must do this October to make most of 2014:

  1. Experiment with colours: yes, wear the dirtiest blue with bright florescent orange and roam carefree around. Trust, the fun of playing with your wardrobe and accessories will not go wrong this month. Try and experiment with your overall looks and add lot of jazz to your own story.
  2. Adopt a sport: We aren’t that old to sit back and await death! Going out with bunch of old friends for a cricket match or a golf play should not be a bad idea. Choose a sport of your own choice and be the PLAYER.
  3. Get out of the city: What can be the best idea than to spend your festival outside your city with your loved ones? Experience the beauty of diversity in the country and enjoy your long weekend somewhere out of the city.
  4. Enrol and learn new activity with your partner: The celebrations dipped in romance are the new in thing this October. Look for some couple dance class or cooking class this month and savour the time with your partner when you both fall in love yet again.
  5. Reveal the child in you: We know how badly we want to re-live our childhood days. So what’s the worry? The month is free from all obligations! Dance like no one is watching, wear the butterfly clips and watch your favourite ‘tom and jerry’ shows- do what it feels like to be a child.
  6. Send ‘friendship award cards’ – Amidst the busy life, this month also offers an excuse to giveaway gifts to all loved ones. Make it even more interesting. Send a handmade award card to all your besties and make them feel special. To make it easier, we have some award categories for you – My agony aunt of the year, The honey bunny, My secret crush, Sister/brother from another mother etc
  7. Cook and invite – Encourage the master chef in you and invite all your aunties and uncles, friends for a grand dinner. Even better, ask your friends to help you too in all the cooking and washing.
  8. Scare the spirits and go shopping: Try shopping from the Jaipur shopping festival this year. Loaded with handcrafted items and jewellery, this shopping festival is sure a bet. Also, don’t miss out on organizing a Halloween party or be part of it on 31st of the month – only day which gives you privilege to look your worst best publicly!
  9. Be a ‘Genie’ to someone: October starts with a famous ‘Daan utsav’ (earlier – joy of giving week) which encourages people to donate to the poor. This month, try to fulfil one wish of that person who needs it badly, trust no joy will make you this happy.
  10. At the end, do give your phones a rest and live like a pro – enjoy every moment with the people you love and care.

She saw him closely for the first time. He looked tempting. Dressed in a crisp white shirt, there was something unusual about him. She admired his moustaches- which she earlier had rejected, she appreciated the greed in his eyes- which she earlier had criticized and she loved him near-which she earlier had not allowed.

They had met in a get together 2 years back. There had been a strange connection post that, both trying to spend as much time together. They had spent every weekend , talking continuously for hours. They had ignored the social circle, laughing over a senseless joke. They had watched stars under sky, forgetting to return home.

 He had been insistent on getting under covers after their first trip together. Even though she had dismissed the thought in front of him fearing society, she herself had fantasized him during the dark hours.  They knew it was hard to resist each other, but they also knew-it was not a good idea either.

He stripped her last knot of the dress, climbing carefully on the exposed body. It was her turn to do the needful. But she seemed lost in his eyes, mesmerized by his twinkles. He smiled and unbuttoned his shirt on his own. He knew she was new to the show.

After months of resistance and denial, she finally had agreed to his fancies. The room was booked at the outskirts, to avoid unnecessary interventions. She had selected the best of her dress for the occasion, trying it for nth time before finalizing. He had bought a special perfume, to relish the moment he waited. And they both have decided to keep it a secret, to keep away from society judgments.

They both rest naked beside each other, tired and exhausted after the action just completed. He had been nice while placing himself inside her, caressing and guiding at every step. She had been shy, resistive and careful at every minute. His experience and her innocence had made the perfect combination. She knew she was content and so was he.

She had meticulously selected the day before her marriage, excusing herself for a trip with friends. She had extended the stay for a day after the trip, to gift him the last she could before she leave. He had clubbed it with his official trip, justifying his absence to his wife at home. 

‘I should be going now, see you there’, she said adjusting her dress and handing him the invitation card. He knew he was meant to be present at her wedding, helping the family in necessary preparations. He knew she wanted him to be there, watching her in her wedding attires. He knew the chapter was over, worth reading and revising soon.

The dark eyes and glossed lips had taken over his heart the day they had met after her return from foreign land. He had offered her help in studies, life and fun. He had taken her to places, in hopes of getting a flesh of hers. She had opposed the demands he had, often relating it to sin. She had been strong about her decision until she had fallen for him.

He entered the hall to greet the couple. She could see the usual playfulness in his eyes while he walked. She could sense the usual calm in his mood while he talked. She could hear the usual laugh in his mind while he enjoyed.

‘We can continue’, he said hugging her tight on the stage, ‘after all, it will be a secret like before’

She had tried to forget the moments she had spent with him while she attended all her functions. She had tried to like her groom while her mind had hovered around him.  She had tried to feel happy about the life while her heart cried over the past night.

She had known since long, the guy she dated was already taken. She had known since long, the love she felt was not hers. And she had known since long, this relation shared was with her own cousin.

She stared as he left – her skin as pale as garden yellow. She screamed inside her heart in guilt; scratching her body with her nails. She ran inside the room, leaving the function and the groom.

And she roared as she wept, ‘OH God, this time don’t forgive me for this PURPOSEFUL SIN’

She knew they together had spent the night, the things happened between were not right…. She doomed herself in no light… This was her sad remorseful plight.