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Facebook, now an integral part of life offers basket of intangible benefits which we often ignore. Some say ‘it is not worth the time’, but others do appreciate the hidden treasure.

So what different or more do people addicted of Facebook get?







Well, a life full of power and entertainment. A sneak peak will make you realize, why I say that:


  • No matter how ugly you look in real, your profile picture will always show a beautiful side of you. (beauty lies in the profile picture of the account holder)


  • You have an obedient gang of friends who make sure to inform you pre-during-post executing things. They sometimes even expect your suggestions for their decisions. (Ah, you are important)


  • You have the right to like or comment on people. (and hear no back bitching 😛 )


  • Wherever you go, Check-ins follows – so no chance of you getting lost (Even though some of them want it to happen badly)


  • You have all the chance to ‘make him’ go mad behind the ‘new cool’ you ( post pictures with any guy whom he does not know, serves the purpose 😉 )


  • You can have luxury to write and paint your wall with pictures


  • Happiness is easy these days. Even you can enter into 100+ likes club which makes you feel ‘wanted’ ( I think, it’s 200 + likes these days)


  • No need to maintain the birthday calendar anymore. You know birthdays of your far off relatives and friends too!


  • Privilege of attending grooming and personality development classes from ‘wise’ friends for free


  • You save spending on newspaper and news channels, your friends have taken the responsibility to keep you updated! ( you also get a chance to hear their ‘serious’ discussions)


  • You know everybody is being appreciated and rewarded for the work and hence, a motivation for you to work harder! (No, you are not jealous off course!)


  • Last and not the least, you enjoy the freedom to criticize celebrities and politicians who otherwise are not approachable!


P.S:    Be facebookical for free. I will make sure to buy any obstacles come what may be! – Mark Zuckerberg is feeling devilish