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And then I realized, experiments are the best way to learn and have fun!

Being a market researcher, it is very irritating to see people envying you because of your frequent (read weekly) travel. The pain behind these travels are unknown to them, we fly early morning and return the same day under the darkest shade of night. If we are lucky, then we get to stay in lavish hotel rooms just to admire the antiques in the dreams and catch next day air traveler.

Alas! These travels make me feel tired and often, repellent towards the word ‘travel’!

I feel the same most of the times, but other times, I am just normal human being – who dreams to travel leisurely savoring nature and talking to birds (fancy dreams you know)

Last month, after travelling to 5 cities in 15 days around the country, I was bogged up to the core. I wanted to run away, from the world and from my own self. I wanted to have a good break, where I get sleep without being disturbed by untimely phone calls.

With the basics in mind clear, I searched for all ‘high altitude places’ (Because phone networks don’t work there- HURRAY!). But I knew, even though I would settle down for any place, my companions would have their own choices and timelines. I did not want to undergo adjustments – Remember, I was already exasperated.

I decided to enroll for a women only travel group – a chance to explore new people (which I do quite often but because of work) and get ‘away’ with management skills needed to convince friends.

The first ad that day on Facebook while still figuring out my trip ideas was of JUGNI – offering a weekend getaway to PARASHAR LAKE.

This is what Parashar Lake looks like  :)

This is what Parashar Lake looks like 🙂

Jugni is women only travel group run by two young minds Nitesh and Rohit. Started recently, the Jugnoos (that’s what they call themselves) have brilliant innovative ideas to keep girls engaged and offer them enticing trips.

For me, the idea of having a weekend with new people (and in budget) was a good deal – and a calculated risk also I think.

I had my apprehensions, think excitement of what would it be like travelling with entirely new clan.

We were supposed to meet on Friday night at the bus stop. When I reached, first girl I met made me confident of my decision. She was travelling alone (too), had reasons like me (too) and was ‘nice’ (like me too). I met others also, some first time solo-travellers, others travelling second time with Jugni and rest with friends. In all we were good group of 15 people, from different background! (The trip surely was proving a jackpot)

Next two days were among the best days of my life, and I am sure, for other Jugnis (that’s what we call ourselves now) too.

From sustaining to learning to loving to meeting- the trip had it all. We hopped through rocks to climb to no man’s land, just to realize that map was read all wrong.

The love bites from leeches to unwashed dirty peaches, the trek within the clouds holding hands to the joy of reaching the lake finally (after the labyrinth), from cocooning self in sleeping bags to hearing loud roars of clouds above us, from warming around the bonfire to singing melodiously (I doubt this melodious word here) with other travelers around, we did it all.

The trip proved a gift in disguise, letting me explore myself in better way. It also enabled me to get out of my shell and become confident of travelling and enjoying alone. Even though I had wonderful people around, I did get time to relish my own company.

After 2 days of ‘unexpected’ fun and humor, I was not very sure of ending the trip. We did bid goodbyes to each other, but only to promise to meet soon.

The rajma chawal as the meal to the tasteless omelettes, the Mandi secret to the bus adventure, the Babloo stories to truck ride back home, and the endless clicks to personal gigs- I miss it all.

Some snapshots from the memory lane

Some snapshots from the memory lane

Special Thanks to team Jugni, who made this trip memorable with their humour and glamour.

Thanks Rohit for being a help when I was shit tired to carry my bag pack to the top, for being a ‘PAHADO K DEVTA’ to run among mountains like a pro and for being sensible and caring organizer.

Thanks to the handsome boy Nitesh too, who kept us gripped with his endless jokes and scripts, who made sure to do his after sales ‘just right’ and who also ensured we all get our share of fun ‘wherever’.

With more love, looking forward to join you guys again for wonderful travel stories!

P.S: Girls, you can join them on Facebook here


The Goan Delight!

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Reviews, Travel
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While Goa seems to be the most happening place in India for us, it turned out an experience of a lifetime for me. Not that I have not been to Goa before, but this time, I am sure it was magically beautiful.

Few things which I believe have helped me to savour the beauty of the place:

1)      Beautiful and loving company: yes, my friends! We have different type of friends, some are fun to be with and some are your agony aunts. With these amazing ladies, I share not only the similar interest, but also a loving, carefree bond which do not ask for ‘how do I look, ‘what I say’, ‘how my brain works’ and ‘what should I do’.  So the best part of the trip was- we three decided to travel together!

2)      Travel is not only to un-bound : I usually prefer taking breaks from ‘not so good’ life and plan to travel. This makes me normal ME again. This time, the motive though same, changed at the last moment. The ‘supposed to be rejuvenating trip’ was ‘celebration travel’ for all 3 of us. We had planned for this a month back in remorse, but life took a positive turn and the trip was a toast of celebration. We were relaxed, without pressure of deadlines and society. No matter, we just stared the sky for 2 hours; it seemed to be partying for us and our lives! A different perspective of different mood!

3)      No show-off : I really think, this was the sole dominant reason which had made our trip to Goa an unique experience. We were so busy enjoying ourselves and in water that we hardly got time to get ourselves clicked. Also that would have meant ‘looking good’, dressing up and posting it on instagram or facebook. We did nothing. Instead, we thought to concentrate on the surrounding. So we roam like dudes on our scooties, hunted the place like monsters and presented ourselves like a queens of no man’s land!

4)      Know the localite: okay this was un-intentional. Our jobs have made us so. The talkative and down to earth lot 😉 . Since we are bound to interact with all sort of consumers on field, the curiosity quotient have actually risen to a dangerous level where we cannot help ourselves but to be a friend to all waiters and hawkers whom we meet on the move! And this had given us a sneak peak of the life in Goa, ease of move and special attention from all. So the queens got their own territory to rule too!

5)      Do the avoidable :  This may sound little out of normal, though my experience says, please try it once! It does work wonders. So all girls trip to Goa was compete turn off for most of my known, the fact that we made no rules to behave was scarier. So yes to dresses, yes to late night drives and yes to friendly flirting- with a pinch of elegance and respect! You are what you are, please don’t suppress the ‘YOU’

6)      Kill your fear  :  this is only for people like me, who are afraid of every second thing. As i said, I was afraid of water and everything. An honest confession 😦 , been to Goa more than thrice, I could not gather much to actually try anything. This time, my friends forced me to try the banana ride. I had prepared myself whole night to die next morning, but here I am writing this ‘write-up’ all alive and laughing at the experience!

I want to do it again and again, all the rides of water now, but I still fear other things! Should travel again to conquer the next thing- may be air or height 😛

7)      Care for no-one:  This is so common; we do say it a lot. But how many of us really do it? We did it this time! We wore the most comfort, days spent dirty and doing what we wanted. All we did was to look into the eyes of star embedded sky, dance under sun, play with water and forget the ‘must see places’! Goa still has unexplored gems to offer 🙂

8)      Last, write and recall! : Now this is something specific to individual. Someone has said, if you write what you feel, you feel it again and when you read what you wrote, the memory comes alive yet again. That someone is ME 😉 Writing helps!

So what i want to say is – please travel, give rest to your phone calls and facebook… you still are human unlike robots that you try to copy!

World itself is a great school to learn from J

P.S: Not a GYAN that I am trying to give, just sharing my experiences- The Goan Delight