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No I am not a movie freak. And it is not a compulsion for me to watch every movie. You may find me ‘weird’, but this is it. I am not a hard-core-mad-fan of any celebrity too. I am more of a ‘play’ enthusiast. I like it real 😉

Then why did I decide to watch a movie like ‘Hamshakals’. Well, the reason was quite genuine and humane – I did not want Sajid to have a run for his money!

Okay, to be true, it was a weekend and some bucks in my wallet were desperate to get spent (wasted) – thus, it happened!

For all those who have not been insane in ‘giving it a try’ unlike me – Here’s a sneak peak of what have you missed:


  • Main leads (Misleads) : Yes, the movie is full of actors –frantic about being funny (which they fail terribly), sexy (Mmm, guys were too busy to get funny and hence, ignored it) and surprisingly multiplying (limited to male actors, seems like some chain reaction is going on throughout the movie).

And dear Mr kareena (Saif Ali Khan)- get a life, you don’t look funny but a frustrated-constipated-moron-ready-to-puke with that wifey taught pouts.


  • The (distorted)Story line: Sajid has misinterpreted normal people like us, who search for an entertainment over their much-awaited weekend. He comes out with a story – something from somewhere which does not even make a sense to 5-yr old. The story is a confused mix of ‘run-behind-the-millionaire’s-property’ and ‘being-hilarious-and-make-no-sense’. Sajid, why did you ever try to re-do mistakes post ‘Himmatwala’? Don’t we have enough already.

By god, janta ka pta nai, mei nai maaf krungi…. grrhhh


  • The (irritating) Triple roles: Sajid- you think that having Hamshakals in Asylum (with the same name) and then in gay avatar are funny? Ha ha, we found it extremely disturbing like Bipasha. And to top it, you have triple role of all the three characters! What a bloody coincident- we are so stupid to believe you and the story.


  • Acting and character(consistency) :  You should appreciate the consistency shown by the team though, even though the supposedly mad characters are on screen- you find them no different than the real Ashok (Saif Ali khan) and Kumar(Reteish Deshmukh). Except for Ram Kapoor (which we kind of applaud for), none of the actor seems to care about the different roles they are performing – everything is same. Also, you get to see the usual stereotype for Gays.

I seriously don’t know where it is coming from because people near me, who by choice are gay, do not swing their hands while they talk. They are quite normal like you and me.


  • The funny gags(are not funny): The movie overall is a failed attempt to woo the audience. The motive of dearest Sajid- which he says is to entertain people and make light movies- is far forgotten. And surprisingly, the ‘not so amusing’ stand up comedian Ashok seems to be the Sajid in reality.


  • The girls(showpieces):I pity poor Bipasha Basu, she is being very honest in confessing what she felt about the movie. Bips, the feeling is mutual! The movie had nothing for you to do and was one of your wrong decisions. No matter how glamorous the trio looked (Tamannah, Esha gupta and Bipasha Basu) – all they had was to be a show piece in the flop show

Dear Tamannah, we loved your clothes though! You can improve on your comedian skills, after all Sajid(if he knows any) is there to give you personal training!


So the movie seems to compete with RGV’s Aag and Sajid’s Himmatwala, not to forget the sissy’s Joker. A complete mess till the end. Also to mention, many scenes and ‘character description’ seemed influenced by the earlier works (Housefull series in particular). Even the songs are a big turn-offs this time.

But, for those who still dare to watch the movie – Ram Kapoor’s mad avatar that hates germs and is wooed by a lollipop is only a ‘giggle’ to watch. Rest is ‘I don’t know what’.

Word of caution – Leave your brains at home (which I don’t know how to do, if you know let me know too)

P.S: I hate ‘Hamshakals’ 


imagesI had been hearing a lot of ‘must watch’ for the movie QUEEN in the last few weeks. Not to forget, every second post about the check-ins at the movie theatre for watching it. Yes, the songs were good, trailers seemed pretty decent but I could not find the exact reason for all the jazz. I did relate it to any other movie with good marketing strategy.

One day, my friend messaged me saying post her know-how of the movie, dude- its complete your type. Excuse me, my type? What was my type! I thought to find out myself. Well, it indeed was a different movie with not only attractive songs, interesting plot, appropriate casting but also a strong message to comprehend and to relate to.

What I believe is that, not only the movie made itself a real queen of our heart; the passage it opted to reach the audience was something to appreciate and applaud for.

1)      Female Protagonist: The movie deals with the life of a woman who has been ditched by his fiancé a day before marriage. Poor girl, pleading and broke. So it dealt with ‘woman in remorse and then coming out strongly’. I may sound little insensitive, though this is what our society is leveraging on these days. And the movie maker did the same. Make a movie on someone who has all the sympathy. (Even, I sympathized with her initially and wanted to see what next)


2)      Matching the aspirations with the message:  It is quite relevant that the movie showcase the dream life of an independent girl and how bravely she opts for it when given a chance. Things she would like to do –independently! Well, we all want to do that. Yes, this is exactly what I imagined to do, MANLESS! Movie matched the aspiration of a woman to explore with a clear message of her strength and freedom.


3)      Kangana Ranaut and her style-do: well, she was supposed to be a near to ‘behen-ji’ type girl living in Rajouri garden and guess what-she did wonders! Her subtle mannerism and character understanding was astonishing. We conveniently believed that ‘this is not a piece of fiction’. This is something we tend to hear often! ( I also thought she was not the same style diva from Fashion, she completely stole the show)


4)      Being open in approach: The director had smartly portrayed the intended message. While he did not miss the scenes of all ‘pitying on bad luck of Rani’, he also seemed meticulous about the ‘free approach Rani and her family adopts’. When the world was crying over the spilt milk, the lady decided to turn around her life regardless of what society might have perceived! Quite a motivation to take forward.


Other than the things which are quite evident and forms the strong base for the movie, learning through the journey is also to focus on. Transformation of a ‘helpless woman’ to a ‘strong personality’ gives us immense area to jog on. While we can easily choose what we want to be in our life, the part ‘HOW’ is often ignored. We find ourselves driven by the important people in our life unknowingly. And when they are gone, we find ourselves alone and aimless.

So like the movie has clearly said – believe in yourself and be your own QUEEN

A completely my type piece!

P.S: A must watch for those out there who care response from society for their actions! Happy watching!