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imagesWhat can be a worst nightmare for a girl than seeing your little red baby growing on your face, every morning? Day 1 and you have 2 tiny dots, day 2, hurrah! – they plan to multiply and by the day 5th, they are all over your face. Yes, PIMPLES!

Shining, round and in red color, they sit there on your face, making you realize your clear skin does not belongs to you anymore.

I was 17, when one fine morning, I saw it on my forehead, near between my eyebrows. It looked funny and like misplaced BINDI. Okay, it was not that scary. I knew how to tackle it, having seen my friends using n number of creams and homemade remedies. As confident as I am, I opted to use crushed black cumin with water and applied it over night. It pained like hell, it seemed the paste is pricking it from inside. I could not sleep whole night. Next morning, the pimple on the forehead had called off its companions to fight against my homemade cumin paste. My forehead looked horrible.

I remember, it was my farewell day in college. We friends had planned so much about the day, starting from which sarees we all would wear to the pettiest things like colour of our Bindis and wallets. with all the excitement around, internally, I was not happy. No matter, how beautiful saree I would have picked or the expensive makeup I had gone for, my forehead and my cheeks with those little tiny creatures (read pimples) still would have looked horrendous. An hour before, I decided to back-out. Just to avoid those pictures of my pimples for the lifetime.

The journey with Pimples was still not over, over the period of time, it started giving shelter to Acnes too. I didn’t know what was I doing wrong. Using Cumin paste, all soaps and face washes claiming over night recoveries, drinking appropriate water in a day(because my relative said, I don’t drink much water), praying to god and even, not eating anything spicy for years. I had done it all.

I had switched from home-made recipes to allopathic to homeopathic and to sympathy. Nothing was really effective. Sometimes, I used to scratch my face with my nails, out of irritation. Sometimes, I used to avoid meeting people, out of frustration. I had become an empty bag, where anyone you meet, could dump their advice- like ‘you should avoid ‘teekha’, you should bath with Neem water, you should do this and you should do that’. Like, are you serious? Do you think I am not doing anything for it? But what could I say, results were nowhere seen.

Finally, I decided to continue with the things I felt was right without fearing results. I used ‘besan packs’ every day, took ‘Neem Bath’ every alternate day and went to see ‘doctor’ fortnightly. That one year of transformation was not easy, I underwent stress and anxiety. I had disconnected myself from the outer world and I had confined myself to my cocoon. It was not easy at all.

After 7-8 years, I still feel the same fear. Fear of being called PIMPLU (one with pimples on her face). Fear of being clicked ugly. Fear of being invaded by acnes and other problems. Fear of losing my happiness and beauty over night. I fear it all.

This is my fear story of life – which I want to convert into a fight story against PIMPLES.

Currently, I have an almost clear skin with some light patches of pimple marks from the past. I still try and look for a complete solution, which is convenient and cheap, which is not stressful and gives us hope.


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