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I often get awestruck by the intelligence kids possess these days. They are way too clear about their concepts and things like ‘Haboo’ and ‘Bhoot’ do not scare them anymore. They are born with I-phones and grow up playing X-Box, having their choices and opinions even about the diapers they would wear!

Kids are getting smarter, sharper and sincere. And we feel proud about it. They are competitive and focussed unlike us who thought making paper boats were the most difficult task one could do. They are wiser and thoughtful unlike us who wished for only chocolates and ice-creams round the clock.

Even though they seem better off than us, what makes my senses to get Goosebumps is ‘their lost childhood’. Yes, our next gen has no privilege of being a kid unlike us. Other than a carefree life and bunch of friends playing cricket under the sun they miss, those random games which had made our childhood memorable is not there anymore.

Here is a list of things that I believe filled our memory book and made our childhood worth missing which our next-gen would hardly witness:

  • ORIGAMI: Remember we used to make planes out of paper and used to fight to see ‘how far does it lands?’ Those were the days. It used to be the differentiated skill each one of us used to possess. Making wallets, houses and fighter planes out of paper and using them in real. Those were our earnings unlike today, where paper folding is not an interest but an art to learn for the competition!


  • PEN FIGHTS:  yes, I used to do it quite often to pass the time in those boring history lectures. Those hidden fights at the back seats and winning like a champion were all we had dreamt of that time. Now it seems boring to many and a waste of time to the rest. And off course, those tech classes with cameras don’t allow that liberty even.


  • KITCHEN SETS: It might sound little girlie, but I had seen many guys also enjoying it in their early ages. Stealing of leftovers from the fridge and getting cream biscuits from the kitchen were the only treasures we needed to collect to start the fun of life. Our dream jobs used to be ‘selling like a salesman’ or ‘teaching alphabets to the kids’. Oh, what a fun was to cook and wait for everyone to come. I really don’t think, it is that cool to play these games now!


  • PARKS AND GARDENS: I remember my dream picnic spot; it used to be children’s park near India gate. Taking food, some outdoor games along and spending time with the family was the only idea of the perfect Sunday. Not to forget, the ice cream treat at the end used to make us go gaga. Well, my 3 year old niece says it’s quite boring and old to do that and she would rather prefer malls and gaming zones!


  • NAVRATRAS AND KANJAK: Being in Delhi all my life, Navratras had always been near to my heart. Not because I kind of follow it but because of the memory it brings along every time. To be a girl was the luckiest thing we ever imagined that time, after all Kanjak in navratas were worshipped and gifted. Those Rs 5 and halwa poori along with pencils and strawberry erasers were all we craved for. Enough for making guys in the block jealous! J


  • PAPER BOATS AND RAIN: Rain was a necessity for us to showcase our boisterous self. Making paper boats and making it sail through those running drains were love of our life. We used to write our messages in the hope that the boats would carry them for us.  And who knows, they actually did! It was fun to get wet in rains with friends. Now it’s dirty to be outside in rains and parents worry the sickness.


  • HABOO AND BHOOT: when I tell the kid in the neighbour to behave himself or else I will lock him with the ghost in the store room, I can hear him giggle. I am sure he thinks I am a mad woman! But this is what it should have been; remember our parents used to do the same to make us behave.  Even the cracking voice of door was their weapon to scare us away.


  • PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT: When i tell my sister to be little sensitive with my niece, she would say ‘how would she learn?’ Goddammit, why on earth does she need to learn so early? Our parents were so protective. No one dared to steal the cookie or else, next parent-teacher meet was a compulsion to attend. Now, all parents have to say is ‘next time, fight yourself’

I love the way we were brought up, stress-free and protected with less competition. I pity on the next gen, already burdened with pressure to compete. I am sure, we all realise that subconsciously but we feel helpless. This is what it is.


P.S: Do you remember anything you used to do as a kid? I am sure it is interesting and fun. Do share with us to relieve the memory! – These are the things our next-gen would miss